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Weirdness Rules!

Because it does.

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The Weirdness Rules! Livejournal community... for for those people who enjoy my webcomic (who are you people? Oo;;)

The random comic info...
Weirdness Rules (when updated) is a pretty nonsensical comic, revolving around an insane red-haired Scouser, her Hunnie, the personification of Death, and the Hell Minion who wouldn't go away and so was adopted as a pet. Also playing a role in the insane tale is the Scouser's cousin and her own hunnie, the personification of Evil who likes taking his clothes off a lot.

If it doesn't make sense at first, don't panic, it will soon make less sense as you read the comic.

Current storyline for no real reason...
Title How to be a man
Desc Because you gotta be one unless you want to be laughed at. D'uh.

The random community info...
This community can be used to discuss storylines, post fanart, ask questions, poke me for not updating and to set fire to the oogli couch in an attempt to annoy me.

Just don't provoke the Hell Minion too much, for all our sakes.

That Misc. Info
¬¬ All characters, storyline and other comic related things, are the property of me, unless otherwise stated. So watch your step.